History of Legal Herbs

Have you heard of the term Magic Mushroom? About 7 to 8 years ago, this hallucinogenic mushroom suddenly became famous because it caused a secret boom around young people and caused incidents and accidents.
After a number of incidents, Magic Mushrooms were regulated by law for being the source plant for drugs.

What is a herb that can give you a sense of “legality” and yet not wipe out a dangerous image?

There is a mechanic in the word legal.
It is not regulated by the “narcotics and psychotropic drug control law”.
In other words, it is not legally recognized.

Of course, you can get it not only in Japan but also overseas.
However, there are difficulties such as being restricted by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and various laws, and it is not easy to take them out of the country where they are obtained.


of Legal Herbs The legal herbs that are close to the law are in circulation in this way, because they are more attractive than that.
Its appeal is likely to be such as alcohol, which makes you feel good, and cigarette-like effects, which calm you down.

Alcohol and cigarettes are only legally regulated by age.
It will be very difficult to regulate what has been distributed so far.
In fact, one state in the United States was a blunder trying to regulate alcohol.

Both are similar to legal herbs in that they are also addictive.
Fearing this dependence, we cannot simply restrict ourselves.
If you look only at the dependency, you can think of it as something that is familiar to us.

Some people say that coffee is indispensable every day, some children can’t stop their favorite chocolates, and some people rely on computers instead of taking it into their bodies.

With that in mind, it makes sense to put everything at your own risk, rather than regulate what you depend on.